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Warren Carrier Coming to Terms
Justice at Christmas
Death of a Poet
Murder at the Strawberry Festival
An Honorable Spy
Robert Cooperman Greatest hits, 1981-2000
In the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains- In the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains
A Tale Of The Grateful Dead
Widows Burden- The Widow's Burden
Petitions for Immortality: Scenes from the Life of John Keats by Robert Cooperman Petitions for Immortality: Scenes from the Life of John Keats
The Long Black Veil by Robert Cooperman The Long Black Veil
A Killing Fever by Robert Cooperman A Killing Fever
Leonard Cirino Sane Man Speaks
96 Sonnets Facing Conviction
The Terrible Wilderness of Self
War Horses
Colin Dodds Windfall by Coln DoddsWindfall
Angele Ellis Arab on Radar by Angele EllisArab on Radar
Renee Emerson Something Like Flight
The Whitest Sheets by Renee EmersonThe Whitest Sheets
Josey Foo Tomie's Chair by Josey FooTomie's Chair
Endou : Poems, Prose, and a Little Beagle Story
Gene Frumkin Comma in the Ear
A Sweetness in the Air
The Old Man Who Swam Away and Left Only His Wet Feet
Carolyn Gelland Dream-Shuttle by Carolyn GellandDream-Shuttle
Taylor Graham Walking with Elihu: poems on Elihu Burritt, The Learned Blacksmith by Taylor GrahamWalking with Elihu: poems on Elihu Burritt, The Learned Blacksmith
The Downstairs Dance Floor by Taylor GrahamThe Downstairs Dance Floor
Kevin Heaton Chronicles by Kevin HeatonChronicles
Terry Hertzler Second Skin: Stories & Poems
Tim Hunt The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (Tim Hunt, Editor)
Arthur Winfield Knight Blue Skies Falling
Richard Kostelanetz A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes
More WordWorksMore WordWorks
35 Years of Visible Writing: A Memoir
J. Brian Long The Singing of the Wheels
Joanne Lowery Leper Woman and Other Poems
David Lunde Blues for Port City by David LundeBlues for Port City
Heart Transplants & Other Misappropriations
Nightfishing in the Great Sky River- Nightfishing in Great Sky River
Sludge gulper 1
Jennifer Maier Dark Alphabet
Janet McCann In a Field of Words: A Creative Writing Text
Wallace Stevens Revisited: "The Celestial Possible"
Michael McIrvin Deja Vu and the Phone Sex Queen
Optimism Blues -Optimism Blues
The Book Of Allegory
Whither American Poetry
Kuzhali Manickavel Manickavel-InsectsInsects Are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings
Stephanie Mendel March, Before Spring by Stephanie MendelMarch, Before Spring
Bill Neumire Estrus by Bill NeumireEstrus
Joyce Nower Column of Silence by Joyce Nower Column of Silence
Simon Perchik Hands Collected: The Books of Simon Perchik Poems: 1949-1999
The Autochthon Poems Touching The Headstone
Philip Ramp Landscapes from the Origin and the Wandering of YK by Lydia Stephanou, Philip Ramp (Translator)
James Sallis DriveDrive
A James Sallis Reader
Cypress GroveCypress Grove
Ghost of a Flea
Gently into the Land of the Meateaters
Sorrow's Kitchen (poems)
Eye of the Cricket
Jeanne Shannon Angelus
Stars Scattered Like Seeds
Knute Skinner The Cold Irish Earth: New and Selected Poems of Ireland, 1965-1995
What Trudy Knows and Other Poems
An Afternoon Quiet and Other Poems
Maryhelen Snyder Because I Praise
J. J. Steinfield An Affection for Precipices An Affection for Precipices
Alex Stolis The Latest News From Home
Carolyn Stoloff Reaching for Honey You Came to Meet Someone Else: poems
Reaching for Honey by Carolyn Stoloff Reaching for Honey
Dying to Survive
In the red meadow; poems
Stepping Out
A Spool of Blue: New and Selected Poems
Swiftly Now
Lynn Strongin Bones & Kim
Susan Tepper Blue Edge by Susan TepperBlue Edge
What May Have Been by Susan Tepper and Gary PercesepeWhat May Have Been: Letters of Jackson Pollock & Dori G
No One is Safe by Susan TepperNo One is Safe
poems in a poetry postcard series from Červena Barvá Press
Phyllis Hoge Thompson Letters from Jian Hui and Other Poems
Jason Visconti The Death of Equal Handshakes by Jason ViscontiThe Death of Equal Handshakes
Mel Weisburd A Life of Windows & Mirrors by Mel WeisburdA Life of Windows & Mirrors
James Welsh Rose in the Snow-Garden by James WelshRose in the Snow-Garden
Nathan E. White Apparent Magnitude by Nathan WhiteApparent Magnitude
Teresa White In What Furnace? by Teresa WhiteIn What Furnace?
Mark Wisniewski One of Us One Night by Mark WisniewskiOne of Us One Night

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