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New reviews posted 15 October 2016

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March news: Jim's "Bedtime Story" is upcoming in the July/August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His next regular books column for F&SF appears in the May/June issue; titled "Tourists and Native Speakers," it's an essay on the mainstreaming of science fiction and fantasy. A new story, "Beautiful Quiet of the Roaring Freeway," appears in the latest issue of Interzone March/April, #274), and yet another, "Freezer Burn," is upcoming in the UK in a CrimeFest 2018 anthology. Jim's novella "Dayenu" is due in the March issue (#37) of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

December news: An interview with Jim by New Orleans writer Thomas Andes just came out in the latest issue of Xavier Review, Volume 37, Issue 2. Here are a couple of quotes:

Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination and dozens of Sturgeon stories are every bit a part of my literary world as are Faulkner or Nathanel West...Two of the first things I remember reading are the story "Born of Man and Woman," about a vampire-like child, and Albert Camus's The Stranger, both pilfered from my brother. At this point, I believe, I was ruined for life. (Apparently the books ruined my brother as well: He's now a philosopher.)

The music to which I am most securely drawn is that of the American outsider: blues, old mountain music, early country, the stories of which seem quite close to the bardic, to folk tales that resound through culture after culture, to narrative and emotional archetypes that may well be hardwired into us. That a human life can be conjured up, can actually take form in the air before us, in a dozen or half-dozen three- or four-line verses — this is something miraculous. And I've tried to carry this forward into my poems and fiction, that authenticity, that compression, true rhythms of our thoughts and lives.

A new edition of Jim's long out-of-print book Difficult Lives will be published in early fall of 2018 by Paul Oliver's Syndicate Books in the US and by Jim's UK publisher, No Exit. The volume will in fact be two books in one, comprising both Difficult Lives and, under the separate title Hitching Rides, a collection of essays on crime writers such as Patricia Highsmith, Derek Raymond, Charles Willeford and Jean-Patrick Manchette.

November news: Jim's story "New Teeth" is out in the latest issue of Analog. Another new one, "Bedtime Story," will appear in a future issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; yet another, "Beautiful Quiet of the Roaring Freeway" is set for the upcoming (January) issue of the UK's Interzone . Jim will be teaching again at The Piper Center on the ASU campus in both summer and fall sessions. Putting together a rough CV for the Center, Jim discovered that he's published well over 120 short stories and 36 books — upon which, he says, he suddenly felt tired.

September news: The September/October issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction is now out with, among the usual fine stories (including one by his old friend Chip Delany), Jim's books column, this time reviewing Paul La Farge's novel The Night Ocean (in part, a reimaging of H.P. Lovecraft) and Deepak Unnikrishnan's extraordinary collection of stories riffing fantastically off the fate and lives of foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates, Temporary People.

August news: This fall, Jim will again be teaching at the Piper Center on the ASU campus. His class is "Information Dumps, Information Delicacies" and runs four weeks on Wednesday nights, October 18th - November 8th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Further information and a link for registration is at the Center's website. "It's a test kitchen," Jims says. "Wear your aprons. And comfortable shoes. For as always, we'll hit the ground running and aim to misbehave."

May news: Jim's story "New Teeth" is upcoming in the November/December issue of Analog. His novella "Dayenu" will appear in a future issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. "What You Were Fighting For," from The Highway Kind (Mulholland, ed. by Patrick Millikin), has been nominated for a Crime Writers Association (CWA) Dagger Award. Stories originally commissioned for a Louis Vuitton catalog and an arts magazine are reprinted in the spring issue of New Orleans' Xavier Review; an interview with Jim by Tom Andes is slated for the next issue.

March news: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction has interviewed Jim Sallis about his new short story, "Miss Cruz." In the Phoenix area? A reminder that you can still register to take Jim's upcoming class at the Piper Center, The Story Behind the Poem. Meanwhile, in France, Jim's "How Jean-Patrick Manchette Taught Me to Drive" is the concluding essay in a collection entitled Jean-Patrick Manchette et la raison d'écrire

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